6 Hour Chicken

Six Hour Chicken

The flavor of chicken is exceptional when slow roasted in front of the fire. A chicken could be done in about two hours, depending on how close the tin kitchen is set to the fire.

At Venoge, our hearth cooking is partly a demonstration for our visitors so we prefer a Six Hour Chicken. Moving the tin kitchen back from the fire keeps the chicken from roasting as fast. Our chickens roast all day and are ready by supper.

We serve the roasted chicken with various vegetables or rice.


  • 1 large chicken or two small chickens
  • Kitchen twine to bind the chicken to the skewers


Just about any size chicken will work in the tin kitchen. We use a large roasting chicken so the meat to bone ratio is high.

Clean the chicken and insert the main rod that will hold the chicken in the tin kitchen. Truss the chicken well, wrapping twine around the skewers. As the chicken cooks, it shrinks; good wrapping keeps it from falling off.

Turn the spit one notch approximately every 15 minutes. We do not baste or add spices.

You know your chicken is done when the juices run clear.


6 hour chicken